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Information obligation, i.e. protection of your data at the highest level


Pursuant to art. 13(1) and (2) of the general regulation on the protection of personal data of 27 April 2016, please read the following issues.

Who is the Data Controller of your personal data?

The Personal Data Controller is Kamala Sp. z o. o., ul. Racławicka 114,
02-634 Warszawa, National Court Register KRS: 0000232698, Business Registry No. REGON: 140115401, Tax Identification No. NIP: 5242547727, phone: 22 301 11 11, email: biuro@fortsluzew.pl.

For what purposes and on what basis do we keep your data?

Your personal data are processed by Kamala Sp. z o.o. for the following purposes:

  1. Execution and performance of the contract between us (art. 6(1)(b) GDPR – contract performance);
  2. Keeping in touch regarding the contract between us (art. 6(1)(b) GDPR – contract performance);
  3. handle your inquiries and complaints, including technical troubleshooting (art. 6(1)(c) GDPR – compliance with legal obligations to which we are subject);
  4. making financial settlements (art. 6(1)(c) GDPR – compliance with legal obligations to which we are subject);
  5. analysis and research on how you use the services provided by Kamala Sp. z. o.o. (art. 6(1)(f) GDPR – our legitimate interest);
  6. conducting court and administrative proceedings (art. 6(1)(f) GDPR – our legitimate interest);
  7. direct marketing (throughout contract duration: art. 6(1)(f) GDPR – our legitimate interest; upon contract termination: art. 6(1)(a) GDPR – giving consent).


What data do we collect?

In order to execute a contract, we require you to provide the data contained in the form – if you do not provide them, it will not be possible to enter into a real estate purchase/sale contract. The data we collect is: name, surname, parents’ names, legal residence address, correspondence address, series and number of the ID Card along with its expiration date, PESEL number, marital status, bank name and bank account number.

We can also ask you for additional data the provision or non-provision of which will not affect contract execution (such as phone number or e-mail address). If we do not receive them, we will not be able to call you and inform you that a flat is ready for your acceptance.

Who do we transfer your data to?

We provide your personal data to processors, i.e. companies we cooperate with in the processing of our data at our request.

We also transfer your personal data to other administrators who process data on their behalf, e.g. entities which belong to the Turret group, entities conducting courier or postal activities, etc.

Your personal data will not be transferred to a third country/international organisation – all companies we cooperate we are based in the countries of the European Economic Area.

How long do we store your data?

Your personal data necessary to execute a loan agreement shall be stored for as long as it is required by the Legislator and the law. We will store the data throughout the contract term and after its completion for the period during which the state authorities have the right to carry out their inspections.

We store personal data used for marketing purposes on the basis of consent until such consent is withdrawn, but not longer than 10 years.

Rights of individuals

Your rights are:

  1. the right to access the content of your data;
  2. the right to rectify data;
  3. the right to delete data;
  4. the right to limit data processing;
  5. the right to transfer data;
  6. the right to raise objections;
  7. the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  8. the right to file a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection the moment you realise that the processing of your personal data violates the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016;


Do you have to share your data?

Providing data is a statutory requirement and results from guidelines imposed by the Legislator, e.g. tax regulations.

Providing some data (e.g. phone number, e-mail address) is voluntary, but failure to do so will result in inability to perform the contract with due diligence.

Automatic decision-making

Kamala Sp. z o.o. does not process personal data in an automatic way, including in the form of profiling.